Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gettin' that brain THINKING!

Inspired by the THINK Challenge, but not having it timed right in my week or academic plan to participate in the actual challenge that week, I came up with my own. 

My goals were to provide a project that:

**Got my kiddos to think outside the box
**Had them do problem solving on their own (no help from Mom!)
**Use trial & error to become successful!


Here's what I did.  I got a couple of sandwich size baggies and then went through my HUGE craft box to select some random items and put them in the baggie.  For example, one baggie included a bunch of bread twist ties and plastic beads, amongst other stuff.  The other bag had popsicle sticks and foam shapes. 

I set out some 'free for all' items on the table like construction paper and glue.  Then I gave each of my older two their 'baggie-o-goodies'.  Finally I had them pick a slip of paper out of a cup.  On the slips of paper in the cup I had written various themes.  John selected "Summer" and Laura picked "Animals". 


1 - The creation must represent the theme in a way that can be easily explained to the viewer.
2 - Every single item in the baggie must be used in the creation
3 - Any of the 'free for all' items can be used...unlimited.
4 - Mom can't give ideas or suggestions
5 - Have fun and be creative...think outside of the box!

Here were their creations!

John's "Summer" Creation:  An Apple Tree!

Laura's "Animals" Creation: A Giraffe!

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