Monday, January 11, 2010

Make It With Letters: Featuring "B"

When I explained to Sassafrass how to write a capital B, I said it was like drawing a line, and then a butterfly wing.  We enunciated the B sound and how Butterfly started with B.  Then as Sassafrass practiced writing her B's I heard her say under her breath "Line, Butterfly wing...Line, Butterfly wing) as she wrote the letter over and over again.
SO that gave me the idea of what to make with her letter B - a Butterfly!  Her sister decided to join in and make one too!

First we cut out two capital letter B's from bright red construction paper and pasted them on the blue construction paper - drawing a caterpillar in the middle.  THEN Sassafrass chooses her embellishments!

Angie glues on embellisments like beads, pom poms and sequins to decorate her 'butterfly wings'!

And there is the "B for Butterly" works of art!! 

Other ways to teach "B" to your pre-schooler:

Are you teaching a preschooler?  What ideas did you or will you use to teach your child all about Letter B?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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