Friday, January 8, 2010

Make It With Letters: Featuring "A"

With a four year old in the house, we have preschool homeschool going on!  Preschool homeschool consists of about an hour or so of activities every morning for Little Sassafrass.  I don't use a curriculum, but purchased one of those all-in-one preschool curriculum workbooks from Sam's Club.  Then I supplement the worksheets with crafts, games and activities.

Sassafrass has been learning all her letters in depth this year - including the sounds and upper/lower case recognition.  One thing that we've enjoyed doing is figuring out how to make some sort of picture craft using either the actual letter we are learning this week or something related. we go along I'll get pictures of what we make with the letters and do a post on it, along with links to other preschool ideas for that letter theme.  Should be fun!

Letter A provides folly for a lot of, alligator, ape, but we decided to go with...ANT!

I had a plethora of egg cartons piling up in my recycling bin, so I decided to think about what kind of craft we could do to help learn Letter A using egg cartons. egg-carton ant!

All the kids AND I put together an egg-carton ant.  So I cut up a carton for a dozen eggs, making each 'ant' three egg cups long.  We then painted our 'ants' however we wanted to.  As you see, some are very traditional all brown...others are wildly colorful!

Once the paint dries, we used glittery pipe cleaners to poke through the top of the egg cup on one end to create curlique antennae!

Then we wrote the word "A - N - T" on the side, one on each egg cup, stressing the way the letter A is written and the sound that it makes (click on the picture above and note the detail on the side of the red ant).

Then our ants went on display...the ONLY ants I will allow in the kitchen!

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